Early morning. We pack and check out and have one last full English breakfast.
We take a taxi to the train station. Our driver is an older Portuguese man, who says little and when he does speak and gesture, I have no idea what he means! But he smiles and drives his older Mercedes cab with happy abandon!
The train station is a small building outside of town.

We, of course, arrive too early, and there isn’t much going on.

We find a little cafe outside and get some americanos.
The cafe is all quaint and has high counters and big glass displayed for pastries. The Portuguese love their pastries it seems. Old men sit and grumble at each other while they drink little cups of “eshpresso”. There is futbol on the tv and two older ladies sit at a table in a corner chatting away.
There is of course a massive espresso machine and the lady behind the counter understands me fine when I ask for our “dosh cafés americanos, com pook do laith poor favoor” (my phonetic spelling) and smiles as she offers up the milk. Then she says ” just a little bit of milk?” In very good English!
The train station starts to get busier and we almost board the commuter train to Lagos, Portugal, but I see the sign and quickly hop off. Phew!
Our train ride is uneventful,the scenery passes by with more concentration of houses as we near Lisbon.





The train doesn’t have a display of what town next, nor do we know how many stops there are. I ask the young lady across the aisle from me and she says she is getting out at our stop too. We were supposed to get out at Entrecampos, but instead got out at Sete Rios, which worked out fine because there was metro. The metro took some figuring out. Probably the most confusing metro I have seen, but we asked some folks, bought our tickets and found our line.
On arrival outside the station we found it was raining. After consulting a map, we took off in the gentle rain to find our place. As we arrived the skies opened up. We got inside to find a lovely apartment! The rain came down in torrents and the road we were walking on flooded up past the side walk. It was like a river running down the road!



It thundered and poured rain and they closed the street for a bit. We hunkered down, did some laundry and looked at maps. Once it cleared we grabbed coats and umbrellas and went for a walk





About two blocks down from us is a huge plaza and the river. Largest bronze statue I have ever seen.
We found some maps, had a bite to eat and went looking for a supermarket, which we couldn’t find. So back to the apartment, g👀gle and head out again
A few blocks up we find more Plaça and statues

And a very busy supermarket! Grab our goodies and head back for a quiet night to catch up on posts, emails and rest 😏
Had a nice cuppa tea and one of the local pastries, a custard tart dusted with cinnamon.


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