Exploring Lisbon – Trolley Adventure

We wake to clearer skies 😊☀️
Home made breakfast! Head out to take the famous tram 28. It’s a 1930s wooden tramline in bright yellow. An icon for Lisbon.

The Internet is full of huge warnings on pickpockets so we go with just a few basics. Stop and get a 24 hour transit pass from the metro station. Good deal!
We get to the square to catch the tram and find a huge line up. After a wait, the tram arrives and we pile on. Standing room only and hot and steamy with all the folks. It chugs up hills, screeches around corners and up narrow streets. We get out near the top of the Alfama at a lookout with great views.


We decide to follow a walking tour

IMG_5149.JPG in our Lonely Plant Portugal guide, but in reverse!
We wander up up up hill and come across the castle of São Jorge. There is a huge lineup for tickets, but we do sneak a peak at the gardens


We manage to get ourselves a bit lost in the maze of streets, when suddenly rain drops start falling. We take shelter under a tree and against the castle wall. We didn’t carry umbrellas, and it this point noticed that others seem to around here!


Just as we think it is subsiding and head down a narrow wet lane, it starts again with great vigor. Thunder crashes, rain pelts down. We hide under another tree, but it is offering limited protection. We run to the nearest cafe, but everyone else has the same idea. So we skedaddle to another and settle in for some cappuccino, milkshake and soup! Too bad I didn’t take a photo of us drenched!
By the time we finish, the skies have cleared and we set out to work our way backwards. Not an easy task! But we find the lookout




Yes that is the castle we were at behind us!

We wander around and find tram tracks (we are regular sleuths!) which we follow to a tram stop. We get on board and I actually get a seat! Careen down hills, sudden stops, but a great breeze thru the open wooden window! We hit a bit of a bump and BAM the window drops on my shoulder. No permanent injury, but it hurt for a bit! All tram trips after this I was supremely conscious of those windows 😳



David gets a seat as well, so we decide to take the tram to the end of the line. Everyone has to get off at the ends and queue up again to get back on.
Turns out the end of the line is a huge cemetary. Quiet sunny day, but it was a bit stark for a stroll!





Interesting motif on the chapel, waiting room area and front gates – bat wings!

We walk out and see the queue for tram 28. I figure we can find tram 15 a few blocks back. Tram 15 is less busy, which I don’t know why, it goes up to the Alfama area as well. So we walk

I thought for sure it was in this square. We end up following tracks back and get on Tram 28 again. It wasn’t too busy as we were now in the quiet time around 5 pm.

After a rest at our place and a home made dinner, we head out. We decide to check out the Santa Justa Elevator. Highly rated to be seen.
There was a line up! But we waited. Elevator was built in 1902 (although the motor, mechanics and cables have been modernized) and hold 29 people. It was constructed to give local folks an option to slogging up the hill.
It is currently clad in scaffolding. The wait is too long for the very short ride. You get out and climb up a set of circular stairs (very narrow) and arrive at the viewing platform. It was dark. And although pretty, it wasn’t spectacular.

Glad the ticket price was included in our metro day pass!
We hopped on the Tram 12, which takes a short circular route. Was nice, fairly empty, and breezy. At one point it was only David and I on the tram – oh and the young man hanging off the side – unpaid rider it seems!
We found a lovely little bar and had beer and port


Big pour of port! First glass was a tawny port, very nice. Second port was a “branco” port, which is white and lighter in taste.

Fun day!


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