OMG or Why Is Everyone In Amsterdam Today.

Saturday morning. The sun is peeking through some clouds. We have the apartment to ourselves today. I sit and enjoy a cup of coffee looking out the window. I can see a canal in the corner. Life is good.


We head out in search of breakfast. It is packed out here! People everywhere taking in the sunshine!





We wander around quite a bit and finally found a place to watch the Ryder Cup golf.

We had just finished our first beers, when the channel was changed to some sports reports. When David asked them to change this one TV (out of dozens) back to the golf, they refused, even though we were the only folks watching that TV which was the only one with the golf feed! So we left. After some more wandering we found another place showing golf. One of Amsterdam’s “coffee houses”. Well, it was smoky that’s for sure! We stayed for a beer, but had to leave. Sudden urge to get brownies!! 😳 but our daughter told us not to eat the brownies!! 😈

We looked for other places, but couldn’t find any. So we went back to the apartment for a rest.

After a nice rest (and catching up on blogs) we ate at the apartment and called it a night.


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