Sept 26 – Off to Amsterdam

Day 26 and city #10.
Amsterdam is a great departure point for us, as it is a direct flight to Vancouver.
I’ve been before (2012) and have fond memories of the pretty city. It’s David’s first time.

We have a late flight so we hang around the pretty Lisbon apartment until we have to leave. Metro to the airport

And a tram to the other terminal. Great signage everywhere!
Check in was easy with EasyJet. You have to do it online, so it’s just a bag drop. Paid extra for our seats so David could get that leg room! This gave us priority queuing for bag drop, security and boarding. We had lots of time to wait!


I don’t understand the cow, either. It is a mascot of a chain store here in Europe called Ale-Hop. There are no diary or beef products.

But she is kind of cute, and her eyes seem to follow you around. 😊

Arrival in Amsterdam and I remember how confused I was last time! Get a train ticket to Amsterdam’s Centraal Station , but then which platform? And there is some sort of chanting sit-in demonstration going on! Police are circling the area, but it seems peaceful but loud.

We find our platform and wait for the train, which we then ended up sitting with some very loud youths, so hard to hear station announcements.
Find tram tickets at the Centraal station and wait for our tram. Arrival was getting keys and finding place. To be faced with some impressively steep stairs. 2nd floor you say? Right that is equal to our 3rd floor. Kudos to David getting his suitcase up!

We get settled in and go to find food. It’s Friday night and packed in the squares. Then I remember, that the Dutch eat around 6 pm and regular restaurants close up early. It’s past 10 pm! Fast food pizza for us!

We then find a little bar and enjoy some drinks. The bar tender Marko gives us a free schnapps, because it is his birthday!


And welcome to Amsterdam


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