Scotland, it’s not all golf! 

After months of planning, we are on our way!  The itinerary is set, transport in the UK arranged and we have places to rest our heads (and feet) each night. 

Packing. Well it is an adventure in itself and I am sure we have brought more than we need for 3 weeks.  Rain coats and sweaters take up more room than bathing suits.  The hardest is the carry-on bags. What to bring nearby for the long flight?  I was looking forward to my lovely rose water mist, but silly me it was over 100 ml and David gallantly ran it back to the car.  First purchase in UK may be a replacement.  

The drive up to Kelowna was quiet and uneventful, mostly because I fell asleep. Ditto for our flight. We are sitting in Calgary now with about 5 hours to stretch out and wait.  Found a pair of comfy chairs with a view of planes coming and going.  It’s surprising how many people nearly miss their flights.  There is a constant stream of ‘final calls’ and people rushing up to gates all frazzled.  

So I think we have done everything we need to get done before we left…oh well I hope we have 😊✈️@1️⃣8️⃣3️⃣0️⃣🕡


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