Edinburgh !

It’s apparently pronounced Edin-bhahrrah – for goodness sake there is no burrow!!

We slept like logs – was it the whisky or was it the travel?  We woke up, cleaned up and went out on adventure.  A huge breakfast at a pub set us right for the morning along with the enormous mug of coffee (no refill here folks, although they did give David a top up).   We decided to get on one of those Hop-on-off buses in order to see the most we could in a day.  We were directed by the Red bus driver that we would like the Green bus line more as there was a live travel guider on it.  We had to wait a bit for the green bus, however we had a lovely chat with a young Edinburger man who we could only half understand.  🙂   But he was very nice.  The bus tour was entertaining with lots of interesting information.  We took it down to Calton Hill where we trudged up the road to a spectacular view of the city, the Water of Leith (river)flowing into the Firth of Forth (the bay), and Arthur’s Seat (the mountain).

We went back down the hill and caught the next bus and decided to stop at the National Museum of Scotland.  Beautiful building, free admission!  Very cool Explore area with mechanical items to interact with.    Also there was Dolly the Sheep.  You know the one that was cloned.  She is there in all her taxidermy glory (in a glass case).  David is in the space suit.  I think with the sunglasses he looks very spacey!

We also wandered into the Scottish areas – they had 4 floors of various items.  Lots of swords and maces and a whole area on burials and the troubles they had with bodies being dug up (body snatchers they were called and they sold their wares to the medical college where there were no questions asked).    Lots on the various mills and churches.  These guys were one of my favs:  Early chess pieces – so intricate and such varied expressions.


It was quite stuffy in the museum so we headed up to the top floor terrace.  Great views as well:

Back on the bus  and stopped at the Edinburgh Castle.  It is a paid entrance and covers a lot of area.  The castle keep area is very big and it is a little village inside with barracks and various buildings.  Lots of history here of course.  A good Scottish War museum, cannons all along the outer defences, gates, dry moats, crown jewels, memorabilia, buildings with spires and stairs and chapels and great halls, and some incredible sweeping views.

Imposing fortress!img_1474   The great hall img_1473img_1483

The inner courtyard










Foog’s Gate







As always there are statues that are just fun to hang on:

Back on the bus for a final bit.  We had planned on taking the bus to the bottom of the Royal Mile and then walking back up towards but the tour halted (I guess they were done for the day before we were) and we were left at the bottom of Coimg_1485ckburn Street.  A pretty little winding street that led up to about mid way of the Royal Mile.  So we did get to wander a bit of it.

We had a dinner of fish and chips on a terrace overlooking the street we are staying on.  We struck up a conversation with the folks sitting next to us. Turns out they are from New Hampshire and he is a big Bruins fan as well – They are everywhere, and didn’t you just know that hockey and Bruins were going to make it into this blog at some point?

Back to the flat (up those stairs) and a quick refresh, recharge our phones and discover that Diana did NOT get an appropriate adaptor for her laptop so she could not use it to do her blog!   And our various other electronics were not charging in the multi-plug USB thingy I specifically bought for this!  But what could we do?  We realigned our chargers and headed out for a night cap.  Went to the White Hart Pub (oldest in Edinburgh apparently) which has husband daycare if anyone needs it:


Had a drink there, but we couldn’t sit outside after 10 pm and the inside was rather stuffy.  So we walked up the Grassmarket area until we found Greyfriars Bobby!  Awesome story.









Greyfriars Bobby

After a drink at the Pub with the famous dog’s name, we strolled back to Maggie Dickinsons Pub to catch some live music again.   The singer/guitar player remembered us from the night before and wanted to show David what he had bought that very day – perhaps inspired by the Canadian gent who surprisingly didn’t request Beatles songs (this is a first really!)  David also got to meet some members of the Edinburgh Capitals hockey team – one of which is from Whistler, BC!  He recognized David’s BC Lions jacket, and that was the conversation opener.

Shockingly we were still there when it was closing time (2 nights in a row?  Good thing we are leaving or we might get a reputation), so we left and trundled back up the cobbled winding street and up the 3 flights of stairs to crash into bed and get ready for our trip tomorrow to St. Andrews.   It was a good day, warm and we had sun. Got a lot done and seen, I am sure we missed lots.   Perhaps we will come back for a day later.  Perhaps.



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