Off to the cradle of civilization as golfers know it

Yes we are on our way to St. Andrews.

Birthplace of Golf.  Home to the Royal and Ancient St. Andrews Golf Course.  Over 600 years of drives and putts on these hallowed grounds.  The oldest and most iconic golf course in the world.  Oh and there is some old castle ruins and a big cathedral ruin too.  Not to mention some famous University as well.

So we pack up our bags (did I mention we brought too much stuff?) and David schlepped them down the 4 floors and we said our goodbyes to our hosts.  It was raining, but at least we knew where we were going!  Firstly to find an adaptor for Diana’s laptop.  Despite what the internet said, the store we first went to did not have it, however the cashier had a suggestion that was just a half block back from where we were and across the street.  Success!! Tomorrow I will be able to blog!  (all of the prior posts have been catch up time).

We got into Waverley Station and didn’t have to traverse any further stairs (love those escalators!) Busy place!  Bought our tickets, found our platform and got a couple of breakfast bagel sandwiches to get us going.  No coffee!!  Perhaps on the train.   Europeans know their trains. They get the process.  North Americans, we struggle a bit.  They just seem to know things like that they will only be boarding the front of the train.  Nothing anywhere says that.  But we have learned to ask complete strangers and follow them blindly.  So far it is working.  Oh and there was no coffee on the train.

Views from the train:

At this point David had not been able to secure a golf tee time on the Old Course at St. Andrews, despite the efforts of our AirBnB host who tried to register them thru the daily ballot system.

Our trip was short (less than an hour) and uneventful. We got off the train in Leuchars and eventually found the bus zone and waited for our transport to St. Andrews.  The rain was coming down pretty good at this point.  The bus ride was quick, very quick and we alighted from the bus and walked the few hundred feet to our new accommodations.  We have a lovely big room with a love seat and a bed and a desk.

After chatting with our hostess we set out in the rain to learn the location of the golf course.  When we arrived, David found out that some folks had been queuing up at midnight the night before to try to get on the list to play the next day.  But the rain was coming down and the wind was blowing, so he decided to wait and see what would happen.  I left to find coffee.    And then IT came true.  He got to play!! I went back to the golf course and met up with him after they had kitted him out with golf shoes and some clubs. img_3769Like a kid in a candy store he was practically vibrating with excitement.   The folks at the course are wonderful, warm and very friendly and helpful.  I left him to play his magical round and returned to the flat to organize some of our stuff and get out of the rain.

After a bit I left and took a stroll down Market Street’.  It was busy and full of young adults as it is ‘Freshers Week’ and all the university kids are back to starting school.  The town is lovely with many little shops and restaurants.

I came to the point and could see some of the ruins of St. Andrew’s Cathedral.  I wandered back along The Scores (name of the street – really) past the Castle ruins.  This road leads back to the Golf Course and found a sunny spot to wait for David to finish on the 18th hole.  It had turned into a lovely day, with plenty of sunshine and some nice breezes.

Well David had a wonderful time and he posted a full description of his round on his Facebook page  Facebook – David Bushby    I was able to see him play the last hole as I walked up the road besides the famous Tom Morris hole #18.  The sun was setting and it was just perfect.  Not the best pictures but I have struggled overnight to get the right ones in to no avail!

We went to a nearby pub at the Golf Inn, at 1 Golf Place, and had a celebratory drink,

then stopped by the flat to change and get warmer jackets as it had cooled off quite a bit.  img_3799

Dinner was a hamburger at a funky little place called Blackhorn.
On our way back we had a nightcap at The Blue Stane pub and then headed back to relax after a very full day.




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