St. Andrews and the Rainy Day

September 9th, 2016

Today we plan to learn a little more about St. Andrew’s.   Woke up to a much cooler morning than before.  Grey and overcast.  We got ourselves out the door and into the town to find some breakfast.   A cute little restaurant, Cottage Kitchen, was found and we had a tasty little breakfast of very fresh eggs and sourdough toasts and some lovely herby sausages.

We wandered down Logies Close and found this lovely church with beautiful gardens:

Further down South Street we came upon this gate

which led to Rule’s Tower 2016-09-09-12-13-06and St. Andrew’s Cathedral (ruins) and a very large cemetery.

So many! It seems that people in this area may have lived a bit longer than others in the same era.  There were lovely views of the North Sea beyond the walls.

We followed the walkway around to The Scores and visited around the outside of the Castle ruins.   Clambering  down to the Castles’s bathing pond at the sea’s edge we sat near the edge of the sea and smelled the salty North Sea.

The rain started so we headed back to our flat to have a bit of a rest and dry off.

We decided to go out and visit a couple of shops and get an earlier dinner.  David wandered in the St. Andrew’s Golf Store – not finding anything just yet, and I went to Paperchase 2016-09-09-18-03-31and found some great little stickers for this trip and my journal book!!  We grabbed a couple of little pizzas in a cute restaurant Les Rendevous.  We then wandered down South Street.  In the rain and the wind.  There are some beautiful buildings in the area.


Cute shops. Lots of little pubs, restaurants and coffee shops.  And rain.  This is remaining original gate for St. Andrew’s, very old obviously!!

And then there is this which could be helpful as this place doesn’t stay up all that late.  Kitchen2016-09-09-18-14-51s usually close up by around 10 pm and pubs by 1 am.  Hot food anytime?  Hmmm. Wonder if it works? And is it any good?








We decided that we deserved a night cap so we headed down to the Golf Inn pub in the rain.  This was my view for much of this afternoon.  2016-09-09-18-29-30Rain and umbrellas.  It wasn’t unpleasant, nor unexpected, just damp.

The manager of the pub turned out to be a whisky expert and we had a wonderful conversation with him.  I learned some new things and tried another 2 scotch whiskies, including a lovely one that is finished in sea salt soa2016-09-09-18-39-58ked casks and leaves a subtle salty note on your palate (gosh I am beginning to sound like a scotch snob LOL)  and such a pretty little glass.
Another lovely day, relaxing and mellow!




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