Kingdom of Fife Coastal Trip

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September 10, 2016

This morning we got the bus and went south along the coast to see some of the villages and shorelines.  Purchased an all day bus pass so that we can work our way back from Elie towards St. Andrew’s.

A pretty drive on a great bus (double decker and big windows!)  We passed through a series of pretty little villages, fields of straw and hay, some sheep and cows and a even a few wind turbines.

Our first stop was in Elie (pronounced Ee-lee)  a cute little village about 1 hour bus trip south.  Elie is really called Elie and Earlsferry.  It has a population of 861 and boasts a 18 and 9 hole golf course with a club house/restaurant,  tennis courts, the ocean and sandy beach!

There is a couple of small shops, but it was a very quiet little place.  We stopped and had brunch at the golf course.  Such a pretty way to serve up tea:img_3835

The beach is sandy and it was fun to see people with their dogs and kids out there, really having a lovely time in the wind.  The sun started to break out more and it looked like we were in for a lovely day after all.


We missed the bus – apparently the bus stop we were waiting at wasn’t in use.  But we found out another bus would be along shortly.  It was a bit of a wait, but the sunshine was warm and we watched the people coming and going about their businesses.

We got off the bus in Pittenweem.  Another lovely coastal town.  To reach the harbour we decended a set of stairs.


These are laneways called Wynds and they are everywhere it seems!  This one is particularly pretty.





The view at the harbour is spectacular.

From here we had decided to do a part of the Fife Coastal Trail from Pittenweem to Anstruther.img_3847

The walk was great!  Took us a couple of hours, but we did take breaks to let me rest my knee.  Such views.


Through the town, along cliffs, along backyards, and even through a golf course, and playground!


By the time we reached Anstruther we were very hot and wishing we had brought along shorts and short sleeves!

Anstruther is a very pretty town with about 3600 residents.  A big harbour and lots of restaurants, little hotels, shops and pubs!  We had a well deserved drink in the sunshine.

We had heard that the fish and chips in Anstruther is very famous!  So we had an early dinner froimg_3862m a Chippy shop .  It was strange to be sitting on a harbour, eating and not pestered by seagulls.  Perhaps Scottish seagulls are not the beggars their cousins are elsewhere



We took some final shots of the harbour and little beach as the tide was coming in and caught the bus back.  We had intended to perhaps stop in the villages of Crail or at Kingsbarns but we were tuckered out after a day of sunshine and walking.

Another nice ride back on a double decker bus.  Great views.  Saw a very large and plump pheasant in the shorn hay fields.  The sheep in the fields had unusually large ears. Made them look rather comical.  This isn’t my picture, but I just had to show you:


We got back to St Andrew’s and decided to take a bit of a rest, but then quickly changed our minds and went out for a night cap to finish off a perfectly lovely Scottish day!



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