Beaches and Greens

September 11, 2016

(A Happy Birthday wish to my baby brother Egan!! – see you soon!)

Today is our last full day in St. Andrew’s.  Last night we did a load of laundry in our hostess’ machine and then hung items up over the radiators to dry.  But we didn’t have any heat in our room (later was corrected). So for the first time in a long time, I was hanging clothes on a line.  Dry in no time because there is pretty much always a wind/breeze here.

David went off to walk the Old Course which they open to people and their dogs to walk on Sundays.  Meanwhile  I caught up on blogs, laundry, journal and general mucking about.   I did head out for a walk and decided to head in the opposite direction of the ‘downtown’ area of St. Andrew’s.  I found the Museum, unfortunately it was closed.  Although I think it would make a lovely Manor and I it’s mistress

There was a little putting course on the front and wild bunnies jumping about. Lovely walks, walls,  and gardens around including this cute mediation walk/labyrinth .   img_3878

The walk opened out to more of the University of Scotland lands and buildings.

I walked back to the downtown area and found it to be packed with people.  Freshers week was winding up with a vengeance it appears.  I went to the Gorgeous Cafe (all the tables were taken) so got a scone (berries and white chocolate nomnom nom!) and a tea to go.  As I could find nowhere to sit outside (and there were a few raindrops threatening a possibility of rain) I went back to our flat, collected the laundry off the line and did a bit of journalling while I enjoyed my drink and snack.

David texted me that he hadn’t been able to walk on for another golf game on the Eden course at St. Andrew’s  (they have 6 other courses besides the famous Old Course).  But we did get a time for one of the course and YES, I did get to play golf on St. Andrew’s!!  It is a shorter course with very tricky shots.  Lots of hills and difficult putts.  I was in the lead for a bit.  Showing David how it done and so forth. But then I fell apart and he surged ahead of me and ended up winning the match. Okay, it was only a putting course… but it was golf on St. Andrew’s!

Called the Himalayas, it is an 18 and 9 hole putting course! At only 3£  per person for 18 holes it was a deal!  Very busy on the Sunday as well.   That picture of a ball so close to the hole is one of David’s first shots.  I gave him the putt.  It should be noted that I did have to play while wearing my purse over my shoulder!  Difficult conditions!  It was lots of fun!

We crossed the road and went over the dunes to the beach below the famous golf course.

The tide was out and the sky was big


We wandered along the water’s edge and clambered up the rocky area to some steps that lead up to the sea wall.


I sat at the top of the hill and took in the sea views as the tide came rushing in.
David went to the Golf Museum.










We stopped for a drink and snack at Dunvegan’s Pub.  Another whisky to add to the list!


This is the building our accommodations were.  It is called Cammo Lodge and we were in the bottom flat on the left.



Later we went to dinner to Little Italy and had a very nice pasta meals!

We had such a lovely time in the beautiful, picturesque St. Andrew’s!


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