Off to Aberdeen

Off to our next stop.  The port city of Aberdeen.

We caught the bus to the Leuchers train station (pronounced Lew-Khers).  A bit of a wait at the station, but there was no rain or wind so it was a comfortable wait outside.

It’s always interesting to try to find the coach and seats you are supposed to be in as well as finding spots for luggage, but we managed okay.

The views along the ride became quite spectacular as we rode near the seaside cliffs.  We had hoped to get a glimpse of Dunnottar – a castle ruin on the seaside, but we didn’t.  We did get these:


We arrived at Aberdeen and since we were too early to check into our AirBnB accommodation we stopped for a refreshment in the train station.



We found our way to our spot and met our host, Ru, a nice young engineer who apparently works for a Canadian company here in Aberdeen.  Aberdeen is highly involved in the North Sea oil industry.  The city is large with approx 250,000 inhabitants.


We went for a walk about and found a lovely little ‘free house’ (pub) call Aitchers were we had a drink (and a whisky) and a very inexpensive bar dinner that involved two types of scottish pies!  Both served with beans and optional ketchup or brown sauce (HP to us)


We had another night cap at another  bar and then picked up some supplies at Sainsbury’s (grocery store) and brought it back for a late night treat and tomorrow’s breakfast.

At the end of the night we did manage to trip the breakers in our room leaving us with no power for our various electronics, but we just plugged in elsewhere in the flat.  Tomorrow David is hoping to golf again!!



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