City of Granite

Aberdeen is built of granite, so everthing is grey.  Apparently when the sun shines, it does glitter like granite, but that is hearsay only as we didn’t get any sunshine.

It’s a big city and it seems very busy being a big city.    There are the usual monuments and such and some big impressive buildings, but it has a harder edge to it because granite takes much longer to soften with age!

Our little room was comfortable enough and in a decent location. We made ourselves some home cooked breakfast for a change (okay I made the coffees, David made me breakfast!) . David found a links course nearby that he could play for 15£ and the rentals (including golf balls) was 15£.  And he took the bus there and back!  It was on the ocean, the fellows in the shop were nice and he had a very nice time.img_3925

The photo below is one of the stock photos.   The weather certainly wasn’t this bright or blue, but it does show the coastline that the golf course is on.


This is David’s picture of the golf course.  He says it was a par 3 and it was his 2nd shot.  And he missed his par putt.  But that is a lighthouse in the background.  All good.



While he was out shwacking the golf ball around, I went for a walk-about town.   There are some lovely churches and their graveyards, statutes and colleges.  This is Slains Castle, more about that later!

The massive church on the main street Union is The Kirk of St. Nicholas Uniting.  It is set back with a pretty little walkway between the headstones and grave markers.  Very dark and a bit slippery with the moss growing on the pavers.  The church is under renovation, but the graveyard/park seemed like a popular place with the locals to sit and chat.

There was a rather filigree’d looking building in the distance, so I wandered that way to see what it was.  The granite again is a bit off putting. It is Marishcal College and the pattern in the granite is such that it looks very pixilated and a bit like lace from afar.

img_3913There is a great statute of Robert the Bruce on horseback which I may try to sketch

I visited the Tollbooth Museum.  These were the original jail cells which held prisoners in the 18th century.  Their crimes ranged from nagging to religious infractions, theft, living in the city without permission and murder.  It has the tiniest, steepest stairwells that wind up.  Fortunately there were ropes strung along the walls to help pull myself up and down the stairs.  Not an easy feat with a bad knee.  It was so warm in there I worked up quite a sweat!


This is the exterior of the Tollbooth Museum.  It’s the dark brown centre with the high pointed spire.  Buildings have been erected  around it in later years.




After escaping the cells, I wandered over to the Castlegate area.  The building that looks like a castle is now a residence.  There is a nice Highlander statue as well.

I decided to head off and find a coffee and some wifi so I could check in with David (with only one set of keys to our place, it would help if we could coordinate).  A lovely cappuccino and fruit bun later and I had checked in.  I decided to head back to the flat and wait for David.

After he returned from a very successful and fun golf experience, we headed out to find some dinner.  I was hoping for a Steak and Ale pie.  We went into Slains Castle, which has apparently been converted to a pub/bar with definite goth overtones.

We had a quick bite there but the music was rather loud and not of our taste!  The food was okay.  David had Mac n’ Cheese. The gravy for the chips was excellent!

We found a lovely little bar called the Wild Boar and had a delicious whisky to finish the night.

As we headed home we noted that Slains Castle was filling up with University students as it is still Fresher’s week here!

Time for bed!



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