Sorry for the delay in posting.  Internet and time have both been hard to harness on this trip!  

September 15th, 2016

Our B&B is so cute!  We do have twin beds which feels super weird, but it was all that was available!  The beds are super comfortable and we have our own ensuite.  Breakfast was wonderful as well, and I did it, I tried the haggis.  Animg_3973d, it was …okay!  I wouldn’t eat it as a sole item, but as a side nosh it was good! Kind of a meatloafish but with barley bits in it.  Tasted very sausage like but more crumbly.


We wandered around this morning and got our bearings in InVEHRRness (the stress is definitely on the VEHRR part.

I have to say that Inverness seems to be more than what I expected!  The river is lovely and there is a pretty little walk along the river Ness.

Our B&B is perched up on the hill,  img_3974so there are stairs everywhere or you can slog up the slopes with the cars! It seems like there are many churches clustered together along the river as well.


We took the footpath bridge across and found out it is a suspension bridge and was installed in the 1800’s so that workers would not have an excuse to be late for work. Surprisingly bouncy!img_3982



Inverness Castle sits high on a hill.  It is a squat red building that is currently being used for the justice department or some other government organization.


After a bit of a walk about we headed back to the B&B, I had a rest and David went to a laundromat to get some wash done for us (he is the best!).

It was time for us to get our rental car, and they came to pick us up.  Such a happy lady who chatted with us.  She LOVED that we have an Ogopogo because it turned out she is a HUGE Nessie fan!

We got our car, a Volkswagen Golf (apropos?), diesel and automatic.  Well, once we got all that paperwork squared away we got in the car and … got ready!  Set up seats, figure out the mirrors, plug in the GPS, and away we go!  Holy Mario Cart.  David did a wonderful job. It was a bit of a heart race here and there as we navigated the first of many roundabouts.   Thank goodness for the GPS tho!!

Once we navigated our way through town we headed south to Loch Ness img_3992and Urquhart Castle.  The drive was good, and the sun came out in full.


The parking lot at the Castle was pretty full, but we found a space.


The Castle is very cool.  Lots of great photo ops!  And lots of walking and climbing stairs!

Loch Ness is a lovely lake and it does remind us of Okanagan Lake but it is much bigger and quite a bit greener hills!   We clambered about the ruins for several hours.

There were so many pretty viewpoints.  It was a pretty hot and sunny day.  Our weather while we have been here has been pretty good with only a few light showers here and there.

After the castle we headed back to Inverness.  We did make a short stop at the Nessie Information Centre, but decided to not go in.  Felt very touristy!  img_4035There were Nessie gift shops featuring kilts and Nessie and Nessie Ice Cream which looked like regular ice cream.

The drive back was lovely.  I think David is doing very well driving on the left!  img_4037  However, parking the car was hilarious!  We had a very small spot.  Little did we know the car comes with ‘parking assist’ which is really just “Warning, Danger Will Robinson” kind of beeping as you get too close (in the car’s estimation) to something near it’s bumpers or doors.  The beeping increases in intensity as you get closer and that is just not all that calming!  And you are doing it on the wrong side.  He managed it quite well given the stresses!

We went out after for that very typical Scottish fare – chinese all you can eat buffet.  It was good and we ate too much.  So we decided to walk along the river front.  At 8 pm one of the churches started ringing the bells.  It went on for about an hour!!  There is a story to that.  At 8 pm  every evening it chimes a hundred times as a warning that the curfew of 1772 was about to commence.   It was definitely more than 100 times.  I think the bell-ringers were also practicing!  The castle lit up at night: img_4041

It was time for a quiet night, so we climbed the hill past the Castle and headed home under an almost full moon and ringing bells.


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