North to South – Was This All Just One Day?

September 18

Another beautiful blue sky morning in Nairn.  After breakfast served in a very old fashion dining room (eggs, beans, toasts, bacon, coffee), we pack up our few things and head out to set off for a busy morning.

It’s my turn to drive.  We plug in the ever professional Gigi and set off down the road.  David got a chance to see my perspective of the far left side of road, and I could get what he has been dealing with on the middle left side.  Boy it seems like those oncoming cars are close at times!

We head out to visit the golf course Castle Stuart.

Situated on a pretty piece of land right on the North Sea the entrance and club house are understated.  There are beautiful views and huge practice greens and pitching/bunkers.   Pictures taken, scorecard retrieved and David has a few minutes to walk around and take in the aura.

I decide it will be better if David drives and I map.  David wants it made clear that he had no problem with my driving though!  I didn’t mind the driving at all.  I am just better at directions 🙂

We head to visit the Battlefield at Culloden.  There is a large car park area that is full and we end up parking in the overflow field – and yet still had to pay our 2£.  There is a bit of line up to get into the Centre but we do get in and it is very well put together with both sides of the story being told on opposing walls.  Lots of documents, memorabilia, historical fragments and stories of what lead up to the famous battle.  No pictures tho!  It culminates with a theatre that you stand in as 4 screens (one on each wall around you) show a recreation of the battle starting and the ultimate clash.  After this you can take an audio guide and head out onto the Culloden fields.   img_4204It is a big area.

There are flag poles showing the beginning front lines of the British and the Jacobites.  There are stops along the way with information on the battle.

It was a sunny day and the wind was gently blowing.

As you move through the field and upon a remaining crofter’s house you get a picture of the ferocity of the battle.

img_4210Leaving Culloden we head back to Inverness.  We wait until we get very close to where we drop off the car to find a gas station at which point we find out there is nothing really close.  But we simply reprogramed Gigi and she found us a petrol station.  Strange not paying for gas before pumping, guess it is only Canada.

Getting back to the car rental place required some round-about redo’s as we were now back in those multi-laned circles of cars zipping in and out.  Thank goodness Gigi stays calm.  I will miss her.  I think Gigi and the Mapasaurus make excellent travelling companions.

The car rental folks happily dropped us off at the train station which was great because we didn’t have to haul our luggage/bags around.  But we did have a bit of a wait at the station. At least you can get WiFi there!

Our train trip required us to alight at Perth and change trains to Glasgow.  The train from Inverness to Perth was very  busy  and most of the seats were full.  The ticket checker was able to tell us which platform we would need to go to at Perth.

While we were waiting for our train in Perth img_4223we noted that it appeared our train only goes to Glasgow Queen Street – whereas we had intended to go to Glasgow Central.  We had no idea how far it was between stations and I didn’t have a map to plan our route to our hotel! No fears, we will get online on the train and ask the ticket taker there.  Alas no WiFi on the train.  The ticketer says ‘aye not a long way to walk, or you can take the transit provided by bus and you can see the signs in the station’.  The nice young lady sitting with us spoke up and said she was walking to the Central Station and would happily show us the way.  Ahhh the Scots, unfailingly helpful (except Portree).

We got off the train and followed our leader out to wet streets, but the rain had stopped.  As we tottered along behind her I noted we had reached a street that we would be taking to our hotel.  She stopped, looked it up on her phone and pointed us in the right direction.  So sweet!

Well it was a long walk and there was a fairly long hill up, not horribly steep, but steady.   This was really only tiring because I was carrying a full travel backpack, a satchel, my purse and hauling a carry-on rolling case.  David was ahead with the daily backpack, his duffle bag and the big suitcase.

So glad to see our hotel and then to realize we are on the first floor!

We got into our tiny room, and found a comfortable bed and a nice little ensuite.

We headed up Embank to the Variety Bar on the corner of Elmbank and Suchiehall (pronounced sookie-hall) and had a couple of lovely drinks served by a couple of very nice bartenders – he from New Zealand and her a local.  It’s good when your glass reminds you what you are drinking!

We stopped at this little food place that stays open until 4 am (bet they get a lot of late night after bar feeders!) and ordered a take out pizza that we brought back to our hotel to nosh on.

Travelling days are always tiring even though you spend a fair amount of time waiting or sitting on trains!





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