The Lovely Glaswegians

September 19

Those from Glasgow – Glaswegians, are very friendly and nice people!

We had  major sleep in today!  Breakfast was at a local shop, small place with a breakfast special.  Then off to find coffees.

Today we simply wandered about figuring out where we are and what there is to do.  We are in the westerly part of downtown.  There is no shortage of restaurants or bars around.  And there is a theatre venue just a block away from where we are staying.

Glasgow seems to be bustling!  The sidewalks are in poor repair, but it seems like there are lots of repairs and construction going on around everywhere.  Loads of places for ‘let’.

There is a pedestrianized area full of all the big shops.  It is funny to see M&S as one of the bigger shops – we used to know it as Marks & Spencers!

There is a huge concert hall that backs onto the Buchanan shops street and there in the sunshine sat many university students.

Still Fresher’s week?  There are tents up for Fresher events.  Glaswegians call ’em as they see ’em.  A local bar:


We found brochures and such, and quiet place for  dinner and drink before calling it a night.img_4242Back at our hotel we poured over our options of what to see and do.

Tomorrow we explore Glasgow!


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