Goodbye Scotland Hello London

September 23rd.

David was so smart and arranged for a late check out today!  So we didn’t have to rise awfully early and were able to have a bit of a sleep in!

After a morning tea and instant coffee – not together – he is the coffee, I am the tea, David ran out and grabbed a couple of breakfast baps (breakfast in a bun) or in the case,  breakfast baguettes.

I finished my duties as the Packasaurus.  (I don’t know, is David intimating that I am as old as a dinosaur?) and we hauled our baggage down the corridor, steps and out into Glasgow.  David gallantly took both the big roller bag AND the big backpack, plus his duffle bag which left me with my carry on bag and a day backpack and the small carry on roller bag (too much stuff!).  I think that actually makes him the Packasaurus (as in pack animal not the packing person).

We walked down to St. Vincent Street, the one we had come up on and walked back towards the station.  There are these little bits of building that always interest me.

Glasgow Central is a busy station.  It is only a few blocks away from Glasgow Queen Street. Apparently the trains going further south to England proper leave from Central not Queen.

There are a number of stations about the city, but I don’t know what trains go to them.  Never had the chance to check it out!

We had a bit of a wait, but there was filter coffee to be had.  A note about coffee in Scotland.  Generally if you ask for coffee you will get an Americano made with espresso.  A few places have had ‘filter coffee’ which is what we North Americans generally drink.  Now we have found that those places that offer filter coffee make it pretty strong!!

We got on our train, stowed our luggage and found our seats with out issue.  But we did find out that we had no WiFi with these tickets.  A phone call (using the lovely conductor’s phone) to Virgin WiFi cleared that up and we ended up having to purchase WiFi for our 5 hour trip to London.  10£ and two passcodes later, we were connected.  Although the WiFi wasn’t great at that price.

Our trip on the train was uneventful and the scenery passed by in the bucolic sunshine.

However David noticed on his Twitter feed that there were apparently some issues with tracks coming into London.

Shortly thereafter there was an announcement that we might be a bit delayed in arrival as the ‘fast tracks’ had been found to have an issue and all trains were moved to the ‘slower tracks’ and so there was a queue of trains coming to the station.

The ‘loo’ fullsizerenderon the train made me laugh.  You have to hand it to the Brits – they have a great sense of humour!

We arrived to London to a crazy scene in the station!  With the slow down on the tracks, trains were backing up to leave and so were the people!  euston-stationThe gates were packed!  People were rushing through crowds as their trains were announced.  This is Friday evening and people are anxious to get home or away for the weekend!

We found our way out and onto the street where we spent a few minutes orienting ourselves.  London has done a great job by putting up map signage along major routes.  So sometimes you just walk until you find one and then figure out where you are and where you need to head next.

Our place is at the top (of course!)  there are 54 stairs – yes I counted them.  But the room is large and the area is lovely!  We are staying near Russell Square which is a pretty park in the middle of the neighbourhood.

We wandered over to a nearby mall that is nestled into the old buildings of the neighbourhood.  IMG_4477.JPGHad a lovely sushi, teriyaki and pad thai dinner and then found a pub that was FULL of ‘kids’.





img_4478We were able to get a seat and have pint / whisky but we left after that – tired and ready for bed.



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