Last Day in Glasgow

September 22, 2016

Our last full day in Glasgow.  How shall we spend it?

Sleep in of course!  Okay not too much!  But after a big day of walking yesterday it was good to relax a bit.

We had breakfast and then we walked down to Glasgow Central Station

and I put David on a train south.  He headed out towards Prestwick and Troon. Or he was supposed to head to Prestwick, but he got on the train and found it was the train headed to NOT TROON!  Never fear, a friendly Scot was nearby that told him to get off at the next stop, run over the connector to the other side and catch the train he was supposed to be on.  Easy peasy.  Done.

David had beautiful weather and was happy he wore shorts (although I am sure there a few Scots who think he is some sort of crazy Canadian, because it isn’t all that warm – but we find it a refreshing 18 or 20 degrees, without the wind mind you.  When the wind comes up it can feel a lot chillier!)

David first went to Prestwick He walked a couple of courses, got to talk to golf people and even played 18 holes.  Here is his story in his words:

“Traveled to Prestwick and Troon today which are courses where the Open has been played; last being 2016 at Troon  . Got to Prestwick and went into pro shop to get score card and had a nice chat with pro there..he asked where I was from and I said BC, Canada and he said he was in BC last summer and was in Vancouver and….Penticton! I said I was from Penticton…small world once again! He said I could just go out and walk the course which I did for a few holes…looks hard!

Went to Troon after and looked fantastic..right by the ocean…had enough time to do 18 at Muni Troon course…fun course and easy to lose balls!img_20160922_162006

Scotland golf…awesome experience…”

All good golf ends with a beverage!

Meanwhile in Glasgow, Diana headed off to the Glasgow Museum of Modern Art.  Free entry!  Which was good.  There wasn’t a lot in it, and what was there was of a rather eclectic nature that didn’t really fit my tastes, but to each their own!

A couple of film clips on loop, some string/rope tangled around poles, some prints of random photos.  The building is beautiful.

I then wandered around the Merchant Square and back up Buchanan Street.

Lots of people about.  There is some sort of food fair going on in the middle of the street, lots of vendors, great smells and people getting their lunches.   I browsed a few of the various vendors of scarves and jewelry and even plants.  But I have NO room in my bags (we over packed in case you haven’t read my previous posts).  So no purchases.  Well except a small one at the local Paperchase store… a couple of washi tape rolls and some letter stickers for my journal.  I think I can squeeze those in.

I stopped at the local grocery store Tesco and got a container of fruit salad and a yogurt and headed back to the hotel.

Our room had not been yet cleaned, so I grabbed my laptop and journal stuff and updated/uploaded  3 blogs!  Then returned to our now cleaned and made up hotel room and wrote 4 more postings for the blog.  I will have to have good internet connection to attach the photos and we haven’t had great internet in the hotel room.  I think it is because of the old thick walls.

David sent me a text that he was finished golfing and catching the 7:30 from Troon to Glasgow.  We agreed to meet for dinner down nearer the station at 8:15 pm.

I left the room to meet him and grabbed my scarf as it suddenly seemed much cooler.  img_4462We had our last dinner in Glasgow with a pint (or two) and had our picture snapped.



Oh how I wish I had taken an after picture from that one!  We walked out of the pub and as we strolled back there was a light mist of water droplets, which became a light drizzle of rain, which suddenly opened up into a full deluge with wind!  We skittered under a covered doorway with other people who also looked like drowned rats!  img_4464We tried to wait it out and it seemed to relent slightly so we hurried on, only to duck under another dry spot less than a block away.  After several minutes it let up enough and we quickly walked back in the drizzly rain.  We were soaked to the skin by the time we made it back to the hotel.

We really haven’t had much rain on this trip at all!

We were in need of some clean clothes, so David gallantly went out to the laundromat located just a couple of buildings down and stayed and did our laundry while I tidied up papers and memorabilia from our various outing.

The hotel leaves these lovely little shortbread cookies each day and it has become a bit of habit to finish our night with them.  So, cookies and tea (or beer for someone) and it was good night.



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