London Town

September 24

Oh lovely London.  We forgot how busy you are!  With excellent weather it appears everyone has descended upon London to enjoy it’s sights and delights!

With no real map we walked down towards Trafalgar Square – I am looking forward to getting a picture with those lions again!

We ended up taking a rather circuitous route – okay we got a little lost – but those handy map pillars put up by London are great!

Although I won’t be really happy until I have a paper map in my hand.

Canada House sits right on Trafalgar Square.  img_4482So nice to see the Maple Leaf in the sunshine!  img_4484





We found Trafalgar Square but it was all enclosed for an event called Malaysiafest 2016.  I was disappointed as I wanted an updated pic with the huge lions in the square.

We found the London Tourist info office and were able to get a couple of partial maps in their tourist books.  David was looking to see if we could get tickets to a football game (soccer for us) but it wasn’t looking good as the big game was Arsenal vs. Chelsea and Arsenal tickets are notoriously difficult to get.  You can only buy them if you are a member, so it is resales that you have to look for.  There was another possibility but the train ride out would have been 45 minutes and it wasn’t for sure that there would be tickets available.

We were going to walk through the marble arch at the beginning of The Mall road,

but it was blocked off as they were filming the next Transformers movie.  So we wandered over to Whitehall Street and stopped at the Queen’s Guard building to see the horses. img_4517 We walked through that courtyard and found ourselves in  St. James park.  We walked up the park along the the little lake.  img_4496Gorgeous day.  The swans and other birds seemed eager enough to come close for photos, but I think they were really looking for leftover ice cream cones, chips or other snacks. img_4499img_4498


At the top of the park we emerged at Buckingham Palace.  Again, so many people!  I took a rest and sat watching the traffic and people while David crossed the roundabout and got closer to the Palace.

We walked down The Birdecage to the Parliament Buildings and took some pictures.

There is a great park just across from the Parliament and the tower that hold Big Ben.


Then walked back along Whitehall Street to Downing Street.  It is all blocked off and there is a police presence at the street to protect the Prime Minister’s residence.


This took us back to Trafalgar Square, so we went into the Malaysiafest 2016 and had a bite to eat and took in the entertainment.


We walked back and ended up a little bit turned around in Covent Garden.  It was fun to wander about.

We were looking for a pub where we could have a pint and perhaps watch the football game, but everywhere was standing room only.

We decided to head back to Russell Square (where we were staying) and see if we could find something closer.   We did go to a lovely little pub just around the corner from where we staying.  It is called Friend at Hand and features a picture of a dog!  friend-at-handHad a nice time in the very full pub watching Arsenal beating Chelsea.  Definitely an Arsenal crowd.

Then we went off to find a pizza for dinner and returned to the building and up the 4 flights to our room to enjoy the pizza, have a drink and catch up on our email etc.

Lots of walking today!  Time for bed!



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